What We Do…

♦We deliver a structured and engaging English programme for students of all ages- based on our unique BBL curriculum. This unique program incorporates the British requirements of the English curriculum for English studies.

♦We provide opportunities for students to learn about English traditions and British culture across the changing seasons.

♦We also work with adults and children from deprived communities, who have fewer opportunities to gain access to a higher level of English education.

♦Our students have the opportunity to use the language skills they have learnt, in real situations on a monthly basis. They get to see that learning English is a very useful tool to have.

♦We carefully plan and prepare our lessons, to make learning English fun and engaging through a variety of topics including arts and crafts, humanities and physical education.

„Když už člověk jednou je, tak má koukat aby byl. A když kouká, aby byl a je, tak má být to, co je a nemá být to, co není, jak tomu v mnoha případech je.“ Jan Werich