Prices and Packages

Prices and Packages



Individual Lessons- from A1 to C2 – children to adults

Group Lessons- Max. 2-3 students

Preparation for Cambridge Exams from KET to CAE

Conversation Lessons – on a variety of topics that interest you

Business Lessons – help to improve your confidence and competence in a business world

Save time and money with your private lessons!

SAVE TIME: We can travel to your home or office.

SAVE MONEY: We charge less than a language school and you will learn faster, talk more and receive personal support.

For more information about our prices and packages please contact us at or give us a call on +420 608  502 357.


The School Terms/ Holidays: From September 2018 to August 2019

Autumn and Winter

September 2018 – January 2019/ 20 lessons

1st September – 30th September 4 lessons

1st October – 28th October 4 lessons

29th October – 30th October 2 days holiday

1st November – 30th November 4 lessons

1st December – 31st December 3 lessons

22nd December- 2nd January 10 days holiday

3rd January- 30th January 5 lessons

31st January 1 day holiday

Spring and Summer

February 2019- June 2019/  20 lessons

1st February 1 day holiday

2nd February- 28th February 4 lessons

4th March- 10th March 6 days holiday

11th March- 31st March 3 lessons

1st April- 17th April 3 lessons

18th April- 19th April 2 days holiday

22nd April 30th April 2 lessons

1st May- 31st May 4 lessons

1st June- 28th June 4 lessons

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