BBL`s Vision

BBL`s Vision


“Bridge Between languages, aims to bring value to the local community. We give children the power to dream of a better future with more prospects. Through English education we can provide exciting opportunities about what the world has to offer and encourage our students to lead a happier life.”


It’s much bigger than us..

  • This project will bring value to your community.
  • Bridge Between Languages gives children the power to dream of a better future with more prospects.
  • By educating our students with better language skills they will have more opportunities to expand their learning and get better jobs in the future.
  • The project aims to improve the student’s confidence to develop their education and social reputation. This can then improve the next generations to come.
  • BBL opens up more prospects about what the world has to offer and encourages the students to lead a happier life.
  • We aim to provide the opportunity for equality. Here at BBL we recognise that education is a must if we want to break down the barriers between different social classes and genders. Poorer social classes should have an equal shot at higher paying jobs.
  • Our project encourages students to be independent thinkers that can make their own decisions through the importance of information.
  • We work hard to give students the opportunity to be heard and taken seriously through the value of education.
  • Bridge Between Languages encourages students to give back to society and become educated members of the community.


What makes Bridge Between Languages so special?

You are going to be a part of something huge! The project was tried and tested in a school environment and has been proven to be successful. We use English in real life situations by taking a field trip once a month. This could be to the local museum, park, train station, bus stop, hospital, police station or school. We can go anywhere, as long as we get to use our English in real situations all the time.

In the classroom we explore British themes and traditions through the changing seasons of the year. These traditions include Pancake Day, Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night, Sports Relief and Red Nose Day- We have so many traditions to celebrate! Our students can also talk about changes in the world around them through the seasons. We incorporate aspects of Montessori learning into the classroom to make learning attractive and engaging for our students.


What are the benefits of Montessori learning?

Montessori materials work across all age groups, countries, and cultures to support and nurture the full developmental potential of the students. The students are encouraged to work together and support each other. We develop problem solving skills, develop an enthusiasm for learning, develop self-discipline, independence, positive self-esteem and build a sense of community.

Montessori teachers are taught to lead based on the needs of the children in the classroom. This is great for students who are complete beginners or advanced with their language skills. Montessori teachers ensure the classroom rules are followed, and encourage children to work independently and at their own pace.


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